Pediatrics / Children’s Health

Pediatrics deals with care of babies from birth till the age when the kids attain puberty. A pediatrician provides healthcare for kids who are ill. Infants and Children are very vulnerable to Cough, Cold and Fever and by consuming unnecessary antibiotics disturbs their natural responses of the immune system. Whereas Homeopathic Treatment improves the immune system of kids, is very safe, and free from any side effects. Thus, if you’re looking for a pediatrician in Udaipur you should consider proceeding with the homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathic Treatment for Infants and Children’s Diseases

Homeopathy can efficiently treat congenital, chronic and genetic diseases. We deal with various diseases of infants and children with homeopathic medicines These include:

Dentitional troubles

Teething or Dentition is the process in which a new born’s teeth start to appear from the gums at the age of 5-6 months. This process is primary teething. And when the kids attain the age of 5-6 years their milk teeth start to fall, this process is secondary teething or permanent dentition. During this process of dentition, babies sometimes feel discomfort, itching, and irritability. The symptoms include slight rise in baby’s temperature, swollen gums, drooling, and the urge to place one’s fingers into the mouth. Baby Teething homeopathic medicine brings quick relief in such cases.

Lack of Growth

Many factors like malnutrition, genetics, skeletal abnormalities, growth hormone deficiency, environment and lifestyle can be the cause of Lack of growth in children. Homeopathic height increase medicines help in increasing bone density and promoting growth in kids.


Coughing is a voluntary or involuntary act in which air is expelled from lungs clearing the breathing passage and throat. Viral Infection is one of its main causes. Kids’ coughing (acute as well as chronic) problems can be effectively treated by homeopathic cough medicine.


Tonsillitis is inflammation of the tonsils. Both viruses and bacteria can be the cause of Tonsillitis. Symptoms include sore throat, swollen tonsils, difficulty in swallowing. Tonsillectomy in most cases is avoidable with the use of tonsillitis homeopathic medicine.


Coryza is a state of mucus membrane inflammation in the respiratory tract. Symptoms include sore throat, running nose, coughing. Rhinovirus is its major cause, in most cases. Coryza homeopathic medicine effectively cures the condition.

Abdominal Colic

It is a common condition in approximate 20% of young infants. During Colic, the baby experiences intermittent abdominal pain, inconsolable crying even after he/she is well fed and properly taken care of. Smoking done by mothers during pregnancy, indigestion of cow milk protein, gas formation are some of the causes of Colic in infants. Homeopathy can effectively treat Baby Colic.

Nose Bleeding

Epistaxis or nosebleeds are common in children. They are generally caused by picking nose, dryness, and allergies. Homeopathy treatment for epistaxis cures nose bleeding in children and the cause responsible for it.

Child Specialist Doctor in Udaipur

Dr. Sandhya being a Homeopathic Pediatrician in Udaipur provides safe and effective treatment for Asthma, Excessive Weight Gain, Weak Memory, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Chickenpox, Measles, Impetigo, Nasal Polyp, Boils, Fever Blisters, Lactose Intolerance, Ichthyosis, Epilepsy, Dermatitis, Dental Caries, Bed Wetting, Molluscum, Candidiasis, P.Vers, Worm Infestations, Stammering, Anaemia, Pica, Stye etc…