Do you know? It is possible to avoid surgery with homeopathy. Every individual would want to stay away from surgical treatments as far as possible. We can’t deny the fact that however advanced the medical science be, there is always a 0.1% life threatening risk in any surgery. Even listening the term surgery might create terror in minds of most individuals.

Homeopathic Remedies to avoid Surgery

Often times doctors advise surgery in many cases like tonsilitis, nasal polyps, warts, corns, boils, kidney stones, cysts, fibroids, ganglions, lipomas, piles, fissures, varicose veins etc. In such cases merely the oral intake of homoeopathic medicines can help up to a great extent. Many a times homeopathic medicines cure the disease without thepatient having to undergo any surgicaltreatment. Homeopathic medicines for pileshelp avoid unnecessary Hemorrhoidectomy,for instance.
Even the cases of tumors including the breast tumors, when detected at an early stage, homoeopathic medicines play a veryimportant role.
This doesn’t mean that Homeopathy is completely against surgery. There may be certain circumstances, where the condition becomes life threatening that make the surgical operations mandatory. Surgery is a life saving treatment method and is advised in all methods of treatments whether it be allopathy, ayurveda or homoeopathy.
In that case too; after the surgery, homoeopathic medicines can help the patient to recover at a faster pace.

As a result; one can easily opt for homoeopathic remedies to avoid unwanted surgeries & achieve faster recovery in post operative measures (in case of surgery).